Professionalize your Travel Management with the Numiga Master System for Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense

Numiga offers its own developed "Expense Master Solution" together with Amadeus for implementations of Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense. This makes the implementation of Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense faster, more reliable and the effort is minimized. The system is supported by a specially developed Numiga Data Management System.

Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense

Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense is a cost-effective solution for controlling business travel processes. Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense offers an integrated system for travel booking and expense accounting. This allows you to keep track of your company's travel expenses throughout the entire travel booking and expense report process.

Numga On Boarding Service
Amadeus cytric Expense


Numiga Expense Master

Numiga offers its in-house developed "cytric Expense Master" together with Amadeus i:FAO for simplified implementations of integrated booking and billing solutions. With a developed simplified implementation methodology, the Numiga cytric Expense Master is faster, more reliable and less expensive to implement.


Numiga DIME

Numiga Dynamic Interface Manager Expense, DIME, is the professional service for transferring and converting data from cytric Expense to your individually required interface format and ERP systems. The access to data in our systems is subject to internal authorization structures and the storage of data on server systems is strictly separated, monitored and secured.


cytric Expense On Boarding

Numiga also manages and accompanies the internal and external interfaces (communication) for customers as part of the Numiga On Boarding Services.
Implementations are clearly arranged and can be scheduled for customers and project participants.
Thus, we offer our customers systematic progress in implementation management and guarantee a successful project implementation.


cytric Expense Audit Service

Numiga also offers customers the opportunity to offer the entire product range of Amadeus i:FAO "cytric Travel & Expense" (via its own reseller contract) as well as to act as an integrated process consultant and to further market Numiga's own service modules in order to generate further growth.


Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense - book and claim your trip and expenses worldwide


Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense - leading cloud solution in Europe

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Book trip, claim costs, check, process, account, archive


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Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense
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Together with the experts from Amadeus cytric we have developed the Numiga cytric Expense Master. I brought in my over 25 years of experience in implementing travel expense systems and Amadeus cytric their knowledge of the system. The result is an excellent solution for the quick and easy implementation of Amadeus cytric Expense.

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Marc Albers

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