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We digitize your travel expense process from the recording of travel expenses to archiving. Use the intelligent and automated Numiga travel expense solutions as software as a service. Completely digital and mobile from the cloud.

Numiga products are very easy and cost-effective to implement, offer professional support for users and a certified and TAX Authority accepted archive for every traveler and company. Certified and GDPR compliant.

Numiga, headquartered in Bremen, Germany, offers customized complete solutions from a single source. Hand over your travel expense reporting to our professionals, they will ensure a fast and legally compliant expense report taking into account your company's internal guidelines.

So that you can concentrate on your core business.

Numiga Services


Numiga Digital Services

A digital solution for your travel expense process.
We digitize your travel expense process for business travel from the capture of travel expenses to archiving. We minimize the effort for your employees considerably. Travel expenses can already be recorded on the trip with an App. The travel expense receipts are checked by the Numiga artificial intelligence verifyer and a travel expense report is prepared. The Numiga Digital Service thus increases the accuracy and compliance of your travel expense report and at the same time makes your travelers happy. Travel expense receipts and expense reports are digitally archived and are available quickly and easily even 10 years after the trip.


Numiga Compliance & Audit Services

Travel expense accounting is a real time consuming factor on many desks. It is simpler if the booking data and receipt data are already created during the trip and the Numiga Compliance & Audit Service checks the travel expenses at the end of the trip, creates the statement and transfers the accounting data to the financial accounting system. This enables the traveler to automatically generate cost reports with just a few clicks.
The Numiga Compliance & Audit Service verifies travel policy compliance and tax and legal requirements. This increases the accuracy of travel expense reports and gives your company a sense of secureness. We do all this in defined service agreements and deadlines.


Numiga Support Services

"We take care"
Customer satisfaction and degree of utilization are the decisive success criteria for the introduction of a travel management system. Of utmost importance for the introduction and acceptance of new processes is the support of travelers in the change process by a central and competent User Help Desk (Shared Service Center) as a single point of contact.


Numiga On Boarding Services

Numiga TOC stands for Technology, Organization and Communication and describes a methodical approach to Numiga Service On Boarding. The detailed procedure for the implementation of Numiga services is defined in a structured workshop and documented in a requirement specification. This document becomes an obligatory part of our service. The project management is taken over by an experienced Numiga employee who has many years of experience in the travel cost environment and a detailed knowledge of all aspects of travel expense accounting.


Numiga Digital Archive Services

Travel expense receipts must not be lost, the unchangeability of digital receipts must be ensured and official (GoBD) storage and documentation obligations must be fulfilled. These are all requirements, that cannot be met by a standard travel expense accounting system. With Numiga> GoExpense, we therefore use a certified document management system from DocuWare, the world market leader in digital archiving. In addition to the corporate archive for each customer, Numiga also offers each traveler a personal "read only" archive for their travel expense reports. 


Numiga Document & Data Servcies

As a service provider for the audit and accounting of travel expenses, we offer our customers various services for the processing and transmission of relevant data. Through Numiga DIME (Dynamic Interface Manager Expense) we are able to import data from external travel expense systems and provide it in the required format to your ERP/accounting system. Our system processes and converts the data so that it can be exported in a format that your accounting system uses to generate records. You do not need to make any adjustments.

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