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Numiga Support Services

Customer satisfaction and acceptance are the decisive success criteria for the introduction of a travel management system. Of utmost importance for the introduction and acceptance of new processes is the support of travelers by a central and competent user help desk.

By combining user help desk and support functions in one central location (one single point of contact), Numiga can provide these services quickly and efficiently. The Numiga User Help Desk & Support Service answers user questions immediately. Travellers thus benefit from the Numiga User Help Desk's quick and direct response to their questions and troubleshooting or from the transfer to a competent IT Desk Support.

Numiga  Support Services


Numiga User Help Desk

The Numiga Support Desk answers questions and provides quick and direct assistance on all aspects of travel expense accounting. Thus the travelers profit from the fast and direct answering of questions and removal of disturbances by the 1st Level Numiga Support. If a problem cannot be solved by the Numiga Support, it will be forwarded to the experts in the 2nd level with appropriate classification and prioritization. Of course the user will be continuously informed about the current status.


Numiga 2nd Level Support

The Numiga 2nd Level Support serves as an interface between the Numiga User Help Desk and different departments in the process. We work with a professional trouble ticket system, qualify requests and forward them to the right place. We monitor the processes together with you and give impulses for optimization. We support you in functional testing and acceptance testing. This is a big advantage. With the Numiga 2nd Level Support, we keep the use of your specialist departments to a minimum.


Numiga GoExpense Chat Support

Numiga>GoExpense support is available around the clock. We support you with detailed instruction articles about our knowledge database. If we can't provide a solution and you need more support, ask your questions to our Numiga- GoExpense Chat Support. During our service hours you can also use a Numiga>GoExpense Live Chat.


Numiga Guidenance

One part of successful change management is the training in which the new system is explained to the users. Numiga has many years of experience in the conception and implementation of Travel Management System trainings, web trainings, support of educational measures, creation of training manuals.

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Numiga Clients

Companies choose the Numiga Support Desk service because of its unique
combination of technical and business travel know how.

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