Total costs for business trips by cost centres

According to VDR-Business Travel Analysis 2012, the basic structure for expenditures for business trips is stable. The good economic situation has positive influence, but this is more selective than it was a year ago. The average duration of business trips is trending shorter. Over half of the business trips are 1-day trips – with a considerable displacement to rail transport. Nearly a billion Euros more were used for air travel (compared to the previous year). Rental car companies have lost a portion of their sales volume.

Though the costs for overnight lodgings still rose from 2009 to 2010 by a respectable 15.5 %, companies have since hit the brakes – because everyone who does not stay overnight saves hotel costs and spends less on board. There are of course “other costs” like expenditures for parking, using private vehicles for business purposes as well as expenses for telephone, internet and WLAN. After successful cuts, these costs decreased to the level of 2007. However, the share of “other costs” is higher than for rental cars and board and continues to increase on a percentage basis.

Source: Verband Deutsches Reisemanagement, VDR-Geschäftsreiseanalyse 2012


Cost allocation according to cost centres 2010 - 2011