General Travel Guideline

What are important parts of a travel guideline? How does it need to be designed and what kind of wording should be used? Learn more

Numiga White Paper – Best Practise Travel Management

How can travel management processes be optimised and where is potential for improvement? Travel management processes in companies are often similar - and there is almost always considerable potential for improvement. Learn more

Germany’s top 10 travel spend categories for business trips

Germany was unique in that: Lodging is the top area of T&E spend, while in most other countries airfare is the top area of spend. While average airfare spend increased from 2010 to 2011, it actually decreased as a percentage of overall spend during the same period. Learn more

Total costs for business trips by cost centres

The basic structure of expenditures for business travel is stable. While the costs for overnight lodgings are trending downward, the share of rail travel is increasing noticeably and air travel is also increasing considerably. Learn more

Numiga VAT Reclaim

Reduce your business travel costs and recover the VAT paid in other European countries. Our experts will assist you to reclaim the maximum amount of taxes. Learn more

Numiga implementation method TOC

TOC (Technology-Organisation-Communication) supports in change processes concerning travel management and travel expense accounting. TOC is a customer-oriented, holistic implementation-management for technology, organisation and communication. It enables the balance between your systems, processes and all interfaces. Learn more


Making Travel Data Smarter - Where Are We Now?: After lagging in the BI race, managed travel professionals now have better access to alternative data sets and sophisticated tools that will help them turn information into understanding. Advice from the pros: Stop doing what you've always done. Think bigger, think smarter and discover next-generation business travel intelligence.  Source: Business Travel news

Research from KDS Reveals Up to One Quarter of Business Travelers Embellish Their Company Expenses: Many companies continue to employ manual, outdated processes and solutions for Travel and Expense that are disjointed, inefficient and lead to employee resistance. These are the findings of a recent survey conducted by KDS to better understand the attitudes, actions and behaviors of US and UK business professionals. Other highlights from the survey include: 74% say they would prefer to book all travel components via one platform Almost 23% admit to regularly rounding up business mileage 41% are still using spreadsheets in their expense process 44% said they spend up to 60 mins, and sometimes more booking travel during working hours. Source: KDS

Shares of European Transport, Luxury-Goods Companies Slide After Paris Attacks: BCD Travel, a global corporate travel management company based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, activated its emergency center for Europe on Friday night, shortly after the terror attacks in Paris, said Heinz Jennewein, a senior vice president with responsibility for France and the Benelux countries.

Lufthansa Will Expand Biometric Boarding After LAX Test: Lufthansa will expand a biometrics-based boarding program, which it reports can enable a 350-passenger A380 to be boarded in about 20 minutes, to more of its U.S. airports after a trial run at Los Angeles International Airport.The carrier developed the program alongside Amadeus?which supplies Lufthansa with the Altea Departure Control tool?U.S. Customs and Border Protection, border control technology supplier Vision-Box and Los Angeles World Airports Authority. They installed gates that can capture facial images by camera as passengers approach. Those images are matched against records in the CBP database. Once that match is made, which takes only a few seconds, the passenger is marked as "boarded" without needing to show a passport or boarding pass. Lufthansa reported that feedback during the trial was "very positive," and senior director of product management for ground and digital services Bjoern Becker said, "In near time, biometric boarding ? will be widely utilized across the U.S. and beyond."

ARC Joins NDC Exchange: Airlines Reporting Corp. is integrating its settlement data with NDC Exchange, the marketplace that provides interoperability between schema versions of the International Air Transport Association's New Distribution Capability. ARC president and CEO Mike Premo said the collaboration will allow ARC and ATPCO, which developed NDC Exchange with air transportation communications and technology company SITA, to "offer more flexible transaction processing workflows, billing and settlement, and outputs that enable airlines and agencies to efficiently manage their partnerships as available content grows." The partnership also will allow ATPCO to support migration to One Order?in which passengers use a single order for air travel rather than separate tickets and passenger name records?according to ATPCO president and CEO Rolf Purzer.

WTMC Aims to Upend Distribution & Financial Models: WTMC CEO Sarosh Waghmar is breaking away from entrenched corporate travel industry paradigms by building proprietary technology and pursuing a New Distribution Capability strategy that he says will disintermediate traditional distribution pathways and make established global distribution systems just another shelf from which to select travel content. WTMC, formerly called W Travel, has kept a low profile, yet the company has been name checked as a partner of artificial intelligence innovator Mezi and by the International Air Transport Association as the first travel management company to achieve Level 3 NDC certification. The agency has NDC connections with American Airlines and is the first U.S.-based agency testing NDC connections with British Airways. It has plans to do the same with Delta, United and Lufthansa.



TM Downloads

BCD Travel - Traveler Management White Paper 12/2012

This BCD Travel white paper demonstrates various options to motivate employees to plan, book and finally carry out their business travel better and more efficiently.


BCD Travel Study - Advito 2013 Industry Forecast 12/2012

Focused on air travel, hotels, conferences as well as rail and road travel, the study provides a global look ahead to developments in 2013. At the same time, purchase recommendations as well as spotlights and developments are described.


VDR Business Travel Report Germany 2013

Additional information and analyses, order a printed copy at


SAP Cloud for Travel - Overview 04/2013

SAP Cloud for travel (formerly known as SAP Travel OnDemand): A solution designed for travellers, managers, auditors and CFOs to meet their individual demands. Control your travel costs, facilitate corporate compliance and increase your process efficiency.


Optimise your Travel Management Process with SAP TM

Business trips are often necessary - especially in an organisation active on the global stage - and they constitute a considerable cost factor. No surprise that ways and means are sought to reduce the unavoidable travel costs. The SAP study presents suitable options for reducing your expenditures.


AirPlus White Paper

Mobile payment - How will it transform corporate travel and expense management.


BTN Report - Corporate Travel Index 2013

The report illustrates the daily costs of business travel and provides corporate travel professionals around the world with detailed information on rates in benchmark cities.