Value Added Tax (VAT) your travellers pay abroad can be reclaimed. Our experts take on the process of VAT reimbursement (reclamation) - you save time and reduce the costs of your business trips.

Numiga VAT Reclaim – Reclaim the VAT you paid abroad.

With Numiga VAT Reclaim, we reduce your travel costs for business trips to other countries in Europe. Numiga takes on the entire process transparently and comprehensively - from receipt processing to application for reimbursement. In this area we cooperate with one of the leading companies for VAT reimbursement.

Your advantages at a glance

Numiga VAT Reclaim

  • Individual collaboration
  • Personal, reliable contact partner
  • VAT reimbursement from 30 European countries
  • Fast and complete reclamation
  • Transparent and comprehensive

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For business trips to other countries in Europe, the VAT included in the expenses remain in the respective country. This is not necessary, since it can be reimbursed according to the VAT laws of these countries. Authorise us to recover your VAT for you. Together with our partner FDE, a leading provider in the field of VAT reimbursement, we will take care of this quickly and comprehensively. We contact the responsible authorities and request the return of your VAT. You receive account statements for your VAT balance by email. This keeps you updated on the reimbursement process.