Travel guidelines are an important and significant instrument to control and monitor expenditures. For all business trips, the guideline is the central element for implementing company wide rules.

The travel guideline defines how employees may travel, the type and class of transportation they use, preferred or prescribed airlines, hotel chains, etc. Additionally, the rules can distinguish among different groups of employees, such as executive management, management, clerikal workers, etc. The travel guideline also specifies what routes are required for planning, booking, and billing business trips.

The clear support of the executive management and/or management is required to enforce and implement a travel guideline. To find broad acceptance, all affected area heads, the HR department, the workers council as well as booking and billing secretarial offices should be involved in developing and drafting the guideline.

The detailed design of a travel guideline is highly individualised and will differ in some respects from company to company. This is due to the various company structures and culture as well as types of travel and special rules.