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Headquartered in Bremen, Germany, Numiga offers customizable solutions conforming to German standards. From consulting to processing to archiving – you get all travel expense services from a single source.

Would you like to achieve significant savings in your travel costs? We are at your side to organize optimal travel management processes and travel expense accounting – so you can concentrate on your core business.


Making Travel Data Smarter - Where Are We Now?: After lagging in the BI race, managed travel professionals now have better access to alternative data sets and sophisticated tools that will help them turn information into understanding. Advice from the pros: Stop doing what you've always done. Think bigger, think smarter and discover next-generation business travel intelligence.  Source: Business Travel news

Research from KDS Reveals Up to One Quarter of Business Travelers Embellish Their Company Expenses: Many companies continue to employ manual, outdated processes and solutions for Travel and Expense that are disjointed, inefficient and lead to employee resistance. These are the findings of a recent survey conducted by KDS to better understand the attitudes, actions and behaviors of US and UK business professionals. Other highlights from the survey include: 74% say they would prefer to book all travel components via one platform Almost 23% admit to regularly rounding up business mileage 41% are still using spreadsheets in their expense process 44% said they spend up to 60 mins, and sometimes more booking travel during working hours. Source: KDS

Shares of European Transport, Luxury-Goods Companies Slide After Paris Attacks: BCD Travel, a global corporate travel management company based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, activated its emergency center for Europe on Friday night, shortly after the terror attacks in Paris, said Heinz Jennewein, a senior vice president with responsibility for France and the Benelux countries.

February Air Ticket Sales Totaled $8.28 Billion: The consolidated dollar value of airline tickets sold by U.S.-based travel agencies rose 2.8 percent year over year in February to $8.28 billion, according to Airlines Reporting Corp.

Navigating from T&E to ROI: Driven by innovations in expense management technology and evolving corporate philosophies around T&E spending, companies are recognizing the value of actionable intelligence gleaned from T&E data. But even as systems advance and T&E is viewed not as simply a cost to control, accurate ROIs for travel spending remain an elusive goal. Among more than 300 corporate travel managers surveyed recently by BCD Travel and the Association of Corporate Travel Executives, 81 percent said it is important to measure business travel ROI but just 13 percent actually did so. So what's holding companies back? It comes down to two main obstacles, experts noted, both related to T&E data: how to get it and what to do with it.

Hotel Meetings Negotiations - Four Quick Tips: It works. Hotel sales managers live by it, and meeting planning teams use it to score the best prices on meetings and events. I'm talking about hotel negotiations. Despite best efforts, though, many buyers fail to get results. They show up at the bargaining table having done all their homework but walk away emptyhanded. Is it because they aren't trained as negotiators but are facing off with hotel sales veterans, who take classes with names like Negotiating to Win? Maybe, but the problem also runs deeper. For a new generation of meeting buyers, conventional negotiating methods are fundamentally flawed. Here are four ways traditional tactics fall short, along with tips to level the playing field.

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